Goodmorning Pops 091116

Morning Words

fore- 앞의

forecast: 예견하다, 예보하다
forehead: 이마
forefront: 앞면
forefather: 선조
forego: ~앞에 가다, 선행하다

forerunner: 선구자, 징후
foreface:전면, 얼굴의 앞부분
foresee: 예견하다
forefinger=indexfinger: 집게손가락

foremost: 가장, 최고의

Screen English
I have a nomal life wating for me.
난 평범하게 살꺼야
I'm not gonna be a giant forever.
난 이렇게 거인으로 계속 살지 않을꺼야

Pops English
It's a supernatural delight
그것은 신비스러운 즐거움이에요.

Talk! Play! Learn!
I'm tired of ~
I'm tired of singing
I'm tired of waiting
I'm tired of watching TV
I'm tired of doing nothing
I'm tired of looking of love
I'm tired of staying at home
I'm tired of having no money
I'm tired of eating the same thing

Like father, like son 부전자전이다
Your dad was good at math, too. Like Father, Like son.


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