Goodmorning Pops 091112

Morning words
Multiply 12 and 8. What do you get? 
multi-tasking: 다중작업의
multicutural: 다문화의
multimedia: 멀티미디어
multiplex: 복합적인
multinational: 다국적의 - multinational company
multitude: 군중, 다수
multiuser: 다중 사용자의
multilateral: 다각적인, 다국 간의

multilingual: 여러 언어를 구사하는
multifarious: 가지각색의, 잡다한
multiloquent: 말이 많은
Screen English
So, Let me get this straight.
내가 정리해서 말해볼께.
You want us to fight an alien robot. - want 사람 to ~
And in exchange, the President of these United States
has authorized me to grant you your freedom - authorized 사람 to ~
-in exchange: 대가로 -
-authorize: 권한을 부여하다, 위임하다 -
-grant: 권한을 부여하다, 위힘하다-
I'll be back in Derek's arms.
데릭의 품에 안길수 있을꺼야
-arms: , 무기의 복수형 -
Pops English      Big Big World song by. Emila
I'm a big, big girl in a big, big world.
It's not a big, big thing if you leave me
But I do, do feel the
I do, do will miss you much, miss you much.
Talk! Play! Learn!
I've been ~
I've been a fool
I've been an idiot
I've been the best
I've been a winner
I've been a coward
I've been a lousy father
I've been an workaholic
I've been a good student
at full throttle: 제대로, 전속력으로
A: Did you see those shoppers running at full throttle?
B: Yeah, they were all trying to get the best bargains.


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