Good Morning Pops[GMP] 091020,

Morning words
Para- ~의 옆에
Paradice: 낙원
Paragraph: 단락
Parachute: 낙하산
Paradox: 모순
Parameter: 매개변수
paranoid : 피해망상의
paradigm : 패러다임, 틀
paraphrase : 바꾸어 말하다

Screen English
Come back to base.
I'll explain everything.
Coming for you. -  for는 목적의 전치사, so, 너를 혼내주러 오겠다.
You're not gonna like what you find.

Pops English
than maybe you will say
i would surely stay

Talk! Play! Learn!
It could been a spy
It could been a virus
It could been a cat
It could been a ghost
It could been a my office
It could been a any one of us
It could been a earthquake

between you and me - 너와 나 사이에서 하는 말이지만
Can u believe what she said?
Between u and me, i think she made of the whole story.


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